Friday, 20 December 2013

Fugly Colours Dotticure

This dotticure is featuring all OPI creme polishes, a couple are fairly new additions.

The combination is so fugly, yet it works in some odd way, a dusty khaki with a bright orange and a pastel pink?  C'mon?  Really? And purple and jade and blue?! 

My base is Stranger Tides, the murky not quite Khaki green from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.  The dotting colours are a pink which is Sparrow Me The Drama (a TK Maxx find, also from the Pirates) the orange is A Roll In The Hague, the green is Jade Is The New Black, the purple is Funkey Dunkey and the tealy blue is Ogre The Top Blue.

I'm hoping to get my hands on the last couple of polishes I need from the Shrek collection to complete the sets since I just got all the Pirates for a total of £34!


  1. Love love love! The colors are perfect together! Your dotticures are just amazing!

    1. Thanks Kirsten! I wasn't sure on the combination!


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