Sunday, 22 December 2013

Girly Bits Blue Eyed Beer Drinking Music Loving Lawyer

Girly Bits Blue Eyed Beer Drinking Music Loving Lawyer... how did I not wear this until now?  I bought this in early November and have looked at it and thought "must try this" many times and never done it.  Then I saw a picture on Instagram by user @overallbeauty and knew it was time to bring it out.  So I put it on top of my Helmer and still didn't wear it for two days!  But when I did... OMG!

Intense mid blue in some lights, almost navy in others, the finish with a layer of HK Girl was so glossy I was asked if they were a gel colour! 

The pictures below are two coats without any top coat over a base of Duri Rejuvacote.

The name alone made me think of my good friend and polish buddy The Lacquer Loving Lawyer, as soon as I put this on I took an iffy phone shot which I shared with her, picture below is taken with my HTC One using the flash built into the phone and is with top coat.

I love this polish and hope to find similar glass flecked / micro glittery polishes in other shades... imagine a burgundy with red flakes....

I purchased this myself from Rainbow Connection.


  1. That looks absolutely lovely on you Emma! I *NEED* to get that in my life, as Wishes of A Blue Eyed Girl is also a friend of mine as well. She has a beautiful soul, just like you. You both have quickly made it to the top of my nail friends and people I hope to meet in person one day soon lists. :0) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you and yours a Happy and Safe New Year! Huggles & love!

    1. Thanks Angela! It took me ages to reply but your lovely comment came right at a very low point when I was feeling sick with stress, so your words mean a lot


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