Friday, 27 December 2013

KIKO 402

I recently picked up Kiko 402 in a blog sale.  I already have 401 which is a firm favourite, so snapped this one up.  

The photos of this have disappointed me as the polish looks quite salmony, which it definitely isn't!  I don't tweak the colour of my photos as this normally means I look like I have skin the colour of someone who has been dead for a week, usually I get very good colour representation with my manually set DSLR and don't need to.  In this case I think the gold holo nature of the Kiko has affected the pinkness of the picture.  It is a more blue polish.

Sam at Fashion Polish has some great pictures of this (but then all her pictures are great!)

I managed to get the other Lavish Oriental via blog sales too :)

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