Saturday, 14 December 2013

My birthday nail goodies!!

I mentioned yesterday that it was my birthday last week, I thought I'd share some of the  nail related goodies that I got :)

First up the heap of goodies...

The odd gadgety item in the middle is a remote shutter release for the DSLR, I was given that for my birthday - it's amazing and has really made taking photos so much more comfortable.

Here's a closer look....

OPIs I picked up from TK Maxx with the money I was given.  I got two of the Pirates of the Caribbean collection on the left. The two on the right I kicked myself about after buying as they are from the Dutch collection and worked out at £7 each, but I could have got them from Fragrance Direct for £4 each...

I was given a-england Dancing with Nureyev, the blue holo from the new Ballerina collection.

My first Kleancolors were purchased in an offer, 4 for £10 from a page on Facebook, Value Varnish Norwich.

The nail file I got given is a Leighton Denny one, as you can see I used it and forgot to wash it before photographing it.  OMFG, this is amazing.  I found this amazing, the first time I used it I realised this vs an emery board is like comparing a Rolls Royce and tractor.

Also - not pictured...

I purchased myself an early birthday present in November, Duri Rejuvacote.  This arrived in late November. I started using it immediately, this has really helped my nails and given them a boost: my nails had been getting worse and worse since September, despite my regular use of my hero product SpaRitual Protein Boost they just kept snapping and wouldn't grow.  I suspect this was due to the shoulder and back trouble I had from September onwards meaning I took a lot of prescribed medications, very strong stuff.  Anyway my self gift has started to really help, they have grown wonderfully.  At the time of writing I have used Duri for two weeks and had no breaks despite some heavy duty cleaning and catching them a couple of times.

I managed to buy my first Iconic Effect polishes which I am awaiting delivery of at the moment and a couple more OPI polishes from the Pirates collection. 

That's all my nail polish goodies covered!


  1. Aw Happy Birthday Emma, hope you had a good week!

  2. Happy belated birthday wishes to you Emma! :)


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