Monday, 16 December 2013

Nail Art for Nubs: Patchwork Elf Costumes

Christmas nail art just wouldn't have happened if I didn't manage to use China Glaze Running in Circles in some way, the gorgeous glittery green is one I may not have worn since about April, but as soon as I put on in on I asked myself why I hadn't - story of a polish addict's life?  Probably.  

I was recently browsing on Pinterest and saw a Nailasaurus patchwork mani for Halloween and decided to take the idea and apply it to Christmas colours, the cliche'd red, gold and green.  For some reason once I had done these I was thinking about Dudley Moore in the 80s film Santa Claus.

This is my first attempt at a patchwork mani and until I put the stitching on I thought it looked awful, but those few lines really pulled it all together!

Pictures below are with a coat of HK Girl.

Polishes used were OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, this was the first polish used.  I then freehanded the stripes of China Glaze Running in Circles using the normal brush on the polish bottle, CG brushes are quite thin so it was fairly easy.  The red patches are a-england Perceval which I applied using a small nail art brush.  I used Enchanted Polish Ausin Powers for the gold dots and then I applied the "stitching" with a-england Bridal Veil.

As I love the look it created I think you may see more of these, soon!!!

Today is my first time linking up with other bloggers under "Nail Art for Nubs, celebrating fellow shortie nails!  This has been organised by Leticia of Cosmetics Aficionado and for any fellow shorter nailed wearers wanting to join you can find out more by clicking through.


  1. Very nice! Love how awesomely simple but sooooo pretty this mani looks! Little elfy outfits :D

  2. This is so cute!

  3. Very nice! I love how a nail art comes together with a final detail. Sometimes, it surprises me, too!


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