Saturday, 21 December 2013

Ooooops, who bought all the polish?

I entered December on an unofficial "no-buy" then along came my birthday and a heap of polish... I shared my birthday goodies in a previous post, today's post has some of the late arrivals which didn't make it in time for that post and some other polishes which have miraculously appeared at the door somehow - do polish fairies actually exist ;P

First is OPI Skull &Glossbones, from the Pirates collection.  This was an eBay find, £4ish.

Next are Steady as She Rose and Planks A Lot also from the Pirates, this huge box held just the two polishes shown! The photo below is a phone camera picture.

The next polishes are from Rainbow Connection, Girly Bits Belly Jeans, Liquid Sky Lacquer Iris Illusion (thermal) Dollish Pollish They're Hereee, Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean and Polish Addict Frost Bite.  I told my husband these were his Christmas present to me (I picked them and ordered them!)

I got three Iconic Effect polishes which didn't arrive in time for the earlier post.  These are Puff the Magic Dragon, Astral Plane and Northern Lights.

I saw that a fellow British Nail Blogger was selling Kiko 402 and Catrice Metal-lilac in a group on Facebookj, I grabbed these because Kiko 401 is amongs my favourite holos, so figured 402 would be worth trying.  It is more bubblegum pink in real life, less salmony.

Sally Magpies Mentality page is my favourite page to visit for nail polishes.  I love Mentality.  They do a matte top coat and I have been looking for one for a while, so it seemed a good one to try out, the bottles are generously sized and it's about half the price the OPI one sells for.  I do like the matte colours from Mentality which is why the two colours below are matte!  I can't wait to try the matte holo over my creme polishes.

Rachel of Winterberry Nail Art Kits offered me a discount code to purchase items from her Etsy store, I couldn't resist...  These will be on the blog soon, I'm sure.  The two polishes were extra's she kindly sent I tried them straight away over the polish I had on already, these are something special!  The pots are hearts, multichrome studs and butterfly glitters.

The two kits shown below are also Winterberry Nail Art kits, they are very impressiv.  The second box does have a bag missing which contains round holo glitters, I found them on the kitchen side after I had put the camera away.  Now in my defence, these two are going to my two younger step daughters as stocking fillers (they don't read my blog so they won't know!) and I am hoping they will agree to use them for a guest post each!

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway organise by a fellow nail blogger Becky of Pause for Polish.  The red leather has come off looking a little orange toned in the photo below, but believe me it's red and shimmery looking, it will be perfect for Christmas!  The card that came with them was also very sweet.

As a result of all the polishes I have.... gained.... recently I have had to review my storage of these.  I am going to do a separate post on this soo :)

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