Friday, 6 December 2013

Penguin Nail Art

**Press samples**  The polishes used were provided by Beauty UK.

This penguin nail art is pretty simple it's just a couple of shapes combined, the white base, the black top part then the hat.  Add a few dots for eyes, beak and feet and it's done.

The polishes used were Beauty UK Gel FX Blue Himalayan and Poppy Red with Glam Polishes in White, Black, Bon Bon and Glitter in Intergalactic.

Beauty UK are a great brand who keep up to date with trends and have great value prices, they are available from their website or in store in Superdrug.


  1. omg love the penguin and the glitter combo :D so damn cute!

  2. This little penguin is so cute! I love the glitter polish you've used too - it looks great with the base colour! :)


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