Thursday, 5 December 2013

Snowman tutorial.

**Press samples**  The polishes used were provided by Beauty UK.

I think in the last 18 months of blogging, this must be my first attempt at a tutorial!  I've opted to do step by step pictures with a few words.

First up the finished look!

The tools I used were my pink dotting tool which has a small end and a larger dotter at the other end, this one is my most used dotting tool.  I used my longest striping brush, my very finest dotting tool and a flat, square brush.

I started by painting all my nails with Cafe Cosmos Gel FX, a greige shade.  The base coat could be varied, even with some added glitter if you like.  I just used it as a subtle canvas.  On this I painted a round circle using my flat brush and Beauty UK Glam Polish in White.  This will be the head of the snowman, so leave enough room to add a hat between this circle and your cuticle.

Using the same flat brush, add the body of the snowman, taking this to the free edge of your nail.

Using my finest dotting tool and Glam Polish in Black I added the coal buttons, eyes and mouth.  I used Glam Polish in Bon Bon and my striping tool to create the carrot nose.

Using my striping tool and Gel FX in Poppy Red I added a Santa hat, then put some dots of Glam Polish in White to create a fluffy edge and the pom pom on the tip of the hat.

The final touch to my snowman was to add some arms.  Using Glam Polish in Chestnut I took my striping brush and drew the arms.

That's the snowman done!  I did my dotty accents the first time in red, but decided that looked too much like a Christmas massacre, so re did them in white!  The pink dotting tool above is the one I use to create this type of dotticure.

If you attempt a snowman please feel free to share the pictures on my Facebook page.


  1. you dots are PERFECT! I'm gonna give the snowman a go :)

    1. Thanks Nada, I have had plenty if practice dotting ;) feel free to post to my Facebook!


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