Thursday, 26 December 2013

Storage Update!

I mentioned that I would be posting an update on my storage a couple of day ago, here it is!

I keep my polishes in a Helmer.  Anyone who follows my Facebook page may have recently seen a status

Problems of a nail polish addict #836: helmer snobbery, the moment of panic experienced when you realise you may have to put OPI and Rimmel polishes in the same drawer. Surely the OPI will feel violated next to (gasp) cheap polishes? Perhaps if sorted by colour the bottles wouldn't experience this type of horror at mixing!

Don't get me wrong, I love all my polishes and am not a label snob, but when it comes to my Helmer I have always stored polishes by brand.  I have all my polishes on swatch sticks in a rainbow.... However... recently an influx of polish has meant that whilst some drawers are fine and the polishes all stack in neatly (Barry M I love your square bottle) others are a storage nightmare (OPI and China Glaze with your rounded bodies) which do not snuggle together well.

After running out of space in the drawer with OPI I initially shuffled brands about, but this resulted in the status above, so I decided sod it, they are going in colours!  I was well supervised throughout the process.

So this is how my Helmer is now set out (in case anyone is interested!) 

Top Drawer: Holo and Glitters (plenty of space for more Holos to be added)

Second Drawer: Red, Pink, Orange and Yellow

Third Drawer: Green, Brown, Nudes, Black and Whites

Fourth Drawer: Blues and Teals

Fifth Drawer: Purples and Textures (plenty of room which is good as I have a set of 8 Kiko textures en route from Italy!)

Bottom Drawer: Assorted Crap (stamping plates, odds of nail art items, USB lead for camera, swatchsticks)

Here are my swatchsticks currently fanned out.  I just ordered an additional 150 from the seller on e-Bay where I purchased the rest.  If I actually use all 150 I'm going to be needing a second Helmer!

Better idea of the bottom drawer without the swatchsticks.

Aside from this I also have a small set of plastic drawers I keep downstairs, I picked these drawers up from Family Bargains.  They are tall enough to stand polish up - not that I keep them tidy enough to do this, but when I purchased them I did organise them neatly!  A couple of the next photos seem slightly blurred :(  

The top of the drawers is where I keep my actone and the plastic pint glass I reuse for watermarbles.  The polishes in front are waitig to be rehomed back in the Helmer!

Top Drawer: Dotting tools, nail art brushes, clean up brushes, scissors and tape, nail art pens and usually this is where I keep my cotton wool pads.

Second drawer: stamper and scraper, studs, glequins, striping tape, 4 way buffer, sticker guides.

Third drawer: This contains top coats, strengtheners a spare bulb for my lightbox, OPI Avoplex hand scrub.  This one is the biggest mess of the lot!  I also keep my favourite black and white polishes in here so they are on hand.

Bottom drawer: Normally I use this drawer to hold my spare items, it would have my spare cotton wool pads, if I buy anything in twos this is where the new one sits, patiently waiting to be used.  At the moment as you can see, it is cram bang full of polish.  This is because I am waiting on my swatch sticks.  When I get a new polish until it is swatched I put it in here, then I will swatch it, log it ono my spreadsheets (links at top of the page!) and then put the polish in the Helmer.

The only other place in the house I keep nail stuff is in a mug, I have a couple of hoof sticks and some hand cream along with my nail file in there.  I forgot to get a picture of that.

Sorting polishes into colours really did help sort out my storage troubles, it meant that I was better able to use the space available as the different bottles all fit snugly together.  I also hope it means that I wil pick polishes by shade rather than opening a drawer and picking from a particular brand, which is something I have been guilty of doing of late.

Hope this was of interest!


  1. wow. your cat is so cute. thanks for showing. I'm debating on reorganizing my collection by color while I still have time during winter break

    1. Good luck if you do set to! It was proper back breaking work, bent over the helmer for that time!

  2. i have mine in ziploc baggies by brand at moment but i need a drawer set! i've got to find a better organizational method lol thanks for sharing!

    1. I got my helmer almost a year ago and can't have filled it already.... When I got it I didn't even fill 3drawers

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  4. Lots of spell mistakes in the last comment. What I should have written, I too store in helmers by color. Great post Emma. :-)

    1. My phone auto corrects Helmer every time too! I am hoping yo get up to Ikea later today... Wish me luck!

  5. Love your helmer and the way you have everything organized! Love the kitty too. What is his/her name? I wish there were an IKEA closer to me, but the closest one is nearly 3 hours away. I do have a friend who lives near there though so maybe she would be agreeable to me sending her the money to pick me up one and bringing it the next time she comes this way (she has family in this area) instead of having it shipped here. Shipping from there is almost double the cost of what the helmer is, that is why I haven't bought one as of yet and if she is agreeable to do that for me, heck, I could get 2 (I scrapbook too so could use one for that). lol It sure would be a lot more convenient than storing everything in those plastic shoebox like containers I have now. I could always use those for my yarn instead. (I'm starting to believe my hubby when he says I do too many crafts/hobbies...noooo, a lady can never have too many hobbies, can we? ;) Your swatch stitch labels look very nice as well. What did you use to make those? Are those notebooks in your bottom drawer? (The items with the colorful covers? They're very cute!) I do like your idea of storing by color. Would make things much easier. Is that how you have your swatch sticks as well or are they by brand? I have my swatch stick in alaphbetically order, store bands and then indie brands and keep them on curtain hooks on my wall pin board. I'll have to post a photo of that on my blog one of these days. :)

    Thanks for sharing your helmer and the way you have everything orgainized Emma!


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