Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Then and Now: July 2012

One of my very early blogposts from July 2012 was a dotticure which I branded as my favourite ever (at that time!  I've done plenty since which challenge this statement) Looking back at the pictures, the poor photos hid the glory of the combo, plus it feels very Christmassy, like wrapping paper with red and purple shimmers, so it seemed the perfect time to recreate this.

I stuck to the same polishes as the original (second from last photo)

Here is the then picture

The base colour was a-england Guinevere, the dotting colours were a-englands Perceval, Avalon and Bridal Veil with Enchanted Polish Marges Blue Beehive. Pictures above are with a topcoat of HK Girl.


  1. Definitely a big improvement! I love how precise and perfect your dots are! I am trying to recreate it but who knew dotting is such a hard thing to master! Especially with placement! xx

    1. It is, I remember my early attempts! Depending on the number if colours I either use one dot per colour andand two smaller dots per colour


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