Sunday, 26 January 2014

a-england part two - Her Rose Adagio and Dancing with Nureyev

Today I have the two other Ballerinas following on from my last post showing Fonteyn and Encore Margot.

All two coats, no top coat.

First Her Rose Adagio, a fantastic soft pink holo.  I think the camera had a problem capturing the pink on the nail, but in the first picture the bottle shows the pink best.

This last picture is a phone picture in direct wintery sunshine.

Next is Dancing with Nureyev.  I had already swatched this and posted this in December, but I kept seeing swatches where it looked more blue than I remembered.  Sure enough, once on it was more blue than I thought!  It also meant my swatches of this collection all were posted on the same weekend rather than in dribs and drabs.

Again the last picture is taken in the direct wintery sunshine.

All of the a-england Ballerina collection have a strong holo effect.  They are easy to apply and don't require any special treatment to get them on smoothly.

The two shown today are my favourites from this collection, the pale pink of Her Rose Adagio would make it "work appropriate" or for an occasion where you don't want in your face nails, but you want then to have oomph.  Dancing with Nureyev is a blue with a hint of lilac, so it falls into two of my most favoured colour groups.  Actually who am I kidding, teal, blue, lilac, purple and green are all my favourites.  Along with (to quote Debbie Crumpet in her recent magazine interview) holo.  Holo is my favourite colour.

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