Friday, 3 January 2014

Baaaaaad Pictures of In Pink We Trust with SOTT

Today's post is some photos I took of an incredibly bright pink a couple of weeks ago.  These photos almost never made it to a post, but this is the last of the drafts cleared...

Lilypad Lacquer have made two customs for us UK girls, the first one I have already shown was Drool Britannia, a red, white and blue glitter made specially for us British Nail Bloggers and In Pink We Trust which is a store exclusive for Sally Magpies although I think it has been retired so grab it quick before it's gone. This pink is one I have worn a couple of times but never made it to the blog for some reason.  The pictures below are showing it topped with Essie Shine of the Times and they were taken after I had been wearing this for around 15hrs, during which time I had put the Christmas Tree up.

In Pink we Trust is a hot pink, flakie flecked polish.  SOTT added has pulled some extra orange hues.  Photos are with top coat of HK Girl and were taken in outdoor lighting on a dull December day using the camera in "auto" as the brightness of the pink messed with my manual settings!

This is a favourite of mine, it screams hot summer days.

I have plans for some nail art with my purchases from Sally Magpies with some "Magpie Monday" posts starting with a special double nail art post on Monday :)


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    1. Thanks! Indeed roll in summer, or at least something fractionally warmer and not as wet as it is now!

  2. Oh god, so pretty and the photos are not bad at all! In Pink we Trust is my favourite polish not because it's just pink- because it's the brightest pink of them all! lol


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