Friday, 24 January 2014

Blurple Holo Duochrome comparison

When I wore Girly Bits Belly Jeans I was reminded if how many similar polishes I have. I put together a comparison of four and totally forgot to include Belly Jeans. I don't think any of these match Belly Jeans in terms of the colours it switches to though.

The polishes I used were Ozotic 533 (discontinued) Iconic Effect Northern Lights, Enchanted Polish Across the Universe (I am pretty sure this was discontinued, but I haven't really bothered following EP for around two years) and Iconic Effect Astral Plane. Each polish is shown below in two coats over one coat of a-england Camelot.  No top coat.

Better look at the polishes....

Hubby saw them lined up and said they looked similar, not knowing I was intending to do a comparison post. I told him well done and  emphasised the importance of the choice of the word SIMILAR to him after he used it. He has been married to a polish addict long enough to know SIMILAR, NOT THE SAME is important!

This last photo shows them all in some rare wintery sunshine!

No dupes here then :) from all of these I would say Iconic Effect were my favourite, they applied well and are holo, plus I love their purple blue shift shades more than the two discontinued ones.

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