Friday, 10 January 2014

Dogs Trust team up with Models Own / Giveaway

***press sample***

Dogs Trust, the nation’s largest dog welfare charity, has teamed up with Models Own to create a limited edition nail varnish, designed to celebrate the 35th anniversary of their famous slogan ‘A Dog is for Life...not just for Christmas®’ even now, some 35 years on this is still a big issue when the soft, cute puppy grows up into a boisterous dog, demanding more time than people often have to give.

I have been sent this gold shade for review, the  profits from each bottle sold will be going to Dog's Trust.  The charity care for over 16,000 stray and abandoned dogs each year.  They have a campaign at the moment on twitter #presspaws where they asked dog lovers to share photos of their own pets and ask people to pause to think can I really take the responsibility for a dog?  Can I  provide all the attention and care it will need?

Personally I know I can't: as much as both hubby and I would love a dog neither of us would be around often enough to give a dog the amount of attention and exercise it would need.  When I was young my parents had a collie which required a lot of walking and exercise, even though she was taken out regularly and my mum was home with her, she would become bored and chew.  Eventually they rehomed her with a family on a farm and she took on a more "working dog" role and was very happy.  Interestingly, when I looked at the website for the nearest Dogs Trust site to me, which I believe is Kenilworth, many of the breeds looking for new homes were also dogs which require a lot of exercise, breeds whose nature is to be a working dog or a hunting dog, terriers and springer spaniels along with collies.

Onto the golden polish: 25 Carat Gold is an intense golden shade.  It applied really well, I used two coats although I could have got away with one.  I haven't tried this polish for stamping, although I do think it has potential to be a great stamper.

Pictures below are two coats, no top coat.  Their are slight bubbles from my base coat, I hurriedly applied a base as I was worried about staining with this being a strong colour

I decided to use 25 Carat Gold as a base to add some dotted paws and an attempt at the Dogs Trust logo.  I was intending to free hand this onto the nail, but at the last minute bottled and used a decal, the decal was a little different to normal, normally for this I would paint a food bag with clear polish then wait for it to dry before drawing on to the dry polish.  Today I drew the picture on the freezer bag using a nail art pen, then I painted over it with Seche, this lifted the design from the bag too.

Pictures below are with Seche.

This polish can be purchased from the Dogs Trust website for £5.50 plus £1 p&p with all proceeds going to the charity.  If you wanted the original a-england Holy Grail this could be a better priced alternative as they are very similar shades.

Now, onto the giveaway!  I have generously been sent five of these polishes to give away to blog readers!  I have to stress that this is UK only due to mailing restrictions.

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  1. It's definitely a brilliant colour gold for the nails! It looks as if your nail are gold.... :)

  2. Lovely! So happy to see MO partnering with this organization!

  3. Love that Models Own always do these collaboration polishes! This gold is so bright, and I love the matching nail-art you've done. :-D x

    1. Thanks, I practised their logo over and over!

  4. Woohoo! You inspired me to do the paw prints! :D Love the dog logo too, great swatch as always xx


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