Thursday, 9 January 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday / GOT polish challenge

Today is the first of a series of Crumpet Nail Tart challenges to revisit Golden Oldie Polishes, ones we have had in our stash and not used for a year or if no polish meets that criteria the oldest untried or used polish.

Today the theme is pink.  I checked a few labels and realised OPI Past, Present and Fuchsia hasn't been on my blog since a very early post in July 2012.   I used this with an untried pink, Manglaze Fuck Off and Dye to create a ruffian and decided to give it a feeling of being full of holes with polka dots using Past, Present and Fuchsia over the top.  I haven't tried a ruffian before, it's a bit rough (groan....) but not bad for a first attempt.

I would have preferred to top coat this to smooth the dots, but didn't want to lose the matte finish of Fuck Off and Dye.

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  1. I like the combination of matte and glossy.

  2. love the combination of matte and glossy.xx

  3. looks cool, love the name of the polish ;)

  4. I really love the matte vs glossy effect!


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