Thursday, 16 January 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Stripes with Girly Bits Street Magic.

Today's GOT Polish has given me the excuse I needed to reswatch a polish I haven't worn for ages, Girly Bits Street Magic.  I have done some stripes too, I'll tag the swatches on at the end of the post.

My base colour was a-england  Camelot (one coat) with two coats of Street Magic,  I matted street magic then used a black striper to freehand the stripes.  I didn't use any tape as intended because I was evicted from my seat by the cat who jumped in whilst I got the Street Magic pictures, a striper was easier to use whilst standing (I didn't pick him up and shift him, he had the unfair advantage of fur whilst I had wet nails and that white fur of his sticks like a bugger...)

Street Magic, when layered over black, shifts from orange to green, in the main it rests on orange on me, yet as soon as I put my hands in front of the camera out pops the green.  I didn't have a bowl on hand to dunk my hands in and see if I could capture the orange hue.

Jere's Street Magic alone, first pictures are two coats over black, no top coat.

And the same with Mentality matte top coat.

Apologies for wonky thumb, I had a vertical break on the tip and had to file it out :(

Here's the rest of the GOT participants.


  1. Blogger just ate my comment, so apologies if there's now two:) I love that polish and your free-hand stripes look great! x

  2. Sounds like your cat is familiar with the HS antic of "Move your feet, lose your seat". Cats are a-holes. :)

  3. I love that polish and your freehanded stripes actually make it look awesome,.xx

  4. I love the freehanded stripes actually! And that colours is just mesmerising!


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