Sunday, 19 January 2014

Layla Fire it Up and Pretty Serious Bloody Bride swatches

Today I have more recent purchases from Sally Magpies to share.

First is Layla Fire it Up.  Fire it Up is part of the soft touch range, I have five of this range now and sadly I think Sally will no longer be selling them (although to be fair, she has got ManGlaze and all the amazing holos so she probably needs the storage space!) The soft touch polishes are all matte finishes: some have shimmer and some are creme, today's soft touch is a creme.

The following pictures are ONE COAT!!  No top coat.

This polish is very red, the camera has captured it slightly more orange than it really is.  It is very pigmented, the coverage above was excellent in just one coat and there are no visible brush strokes on the nail.  The only problem I had was that the polish was very liquid, very runny and you will have to believe me when I say the left hand looked like I had murdered someone after trying to clean up!  Luckily my brush control is much better when painting with my left hand (even though I am right handed!) and the pictures above are with as little clean up as possible to avoid staining around the cuticle.

I used Fire it Up as undies for Pretty Serious Bloody Bride, I wasn't sure if Bloody Bride would need undies but this red seemed appropriate.  Wrong.  Bloody Bride would have been better with a deeper vampy shade perhaps the old Nails Inc staple shade Victoria or Beauty UK Crimson would have been better, but I carried on and applied it over Fire it Up.

Bloody Bride is a jam packed mix of red, pink, purple and holo glitters in a deep red jelly base.  I added two coats of Bloody Bridge of Fire It Up then topcoated with HK Girl for the pictures below, without top coat the polish is quite matte and the glitters don't "pop" as much.

I had major application issues with my bottle of Bloody Bride, it was more Blood-clot Bride, very lumpy and hard to work with.  I emailed Sally (who got straight back to me) asking if she could contact the Pretty Serious team to find out if adding a couple of drops of Seche Restore would be fine, at the time of writing the post I'm still awaiting a response.  The polish was great to look at, but being thick it didn't dry well and I went to bed with smooth nails but woke up with wrinkles.  Even with wrinkles, the polish looked shiny and fab whilst I wore it.  When I removed the combo I had some staining which I think was from Fire It Up as it is sooooo pigmented.

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