Monday, 13 January 2014

Magpie Monday: the lemming slayed!

Last week I launched Magpie Monday's celebrating the store Sally Magpies.  Today's Magpie Monday is a simple swatch post featuring a polish I had been wanting for over two years but never been able to get my hands on, Manglaze Ilf.  Sally the lemmin slayer sorted that out for me!

I first saw Ilf on Samariums Swatches and TraceFacePhiles in 2011, the seafoam matte polish with shimmer fell into my most desired polish almost immediately.  I looked online and found that - at that time - the Manglaze polishes were not shipped to the UK.  I even emailed them to ask if there was anyway I could purchase this polish and was told not.  I forgot about it and gave up hope of finding it, so imagine my delight when I saw the Facebook update by Sally Magpies saying that Manglaze were coming....  I missed them going live but about an hour later I managed to get Ilf, even hubby knew what Ilf was as I had been going on about it so much!

Onto the swatches... I love the bottle label so tried to get it from all angles!

Ilf applied like a dream, coverage was good in one coat but was perfect in two coats and self levelled.  I didnt get any photos of this with top coat as I was too in love with it matte!  It was touch dry fairly quickly, but I did damage the left hand a little as I only gave it about 20 mins before digging in the freezer thinking it was dry.  It wore well on the undamaged fingers, but the ones I dented did then start to peel:  I blame me for this more than the polish!

Manglaze polishes retail for £9.99 at Sally Magpies, Ilf is currently out of stock so it would look as though I wasn't alone in lemming this polish!  I have also picked up several other Manglaze's which will be coming soon!


  1. Very pretty polish and the bottle is so cute!!

  2. My favourite colour and it is such a nice matte effect!

  3. This looks fab on you! I love the Manglazes, I have a few and this is one of my favourites. I got all mine in swaps with US girls back in the days when this was possible - it's brilliant that Sally has them now!


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