Monday, 6 January 2014

Magpie Monday

I was meant to post about my new year's eve nails yesterday, but after a busy weekend of picking furniture and paint and rearranging our front room I totally forgot !

Today is the start of a series of Magpie Monday posts in celebration of Sally Magpies store.  Sally Magpies store was set up over a year ago by fellow British Nail Blogger Sally, bringing great indie brands and hard to get hold of international brands to us UK girls.  I often find myself on her website drooling over the Mentality polishes.  I was really excited to see that Manglaze polishes were coming to her store and pounced within an hour of launch!  She also has Zoya on there now too :)

The first mani in today's double nail art post is inspired by her business card.  I was having a quick sweep of the kitchen and picked it up then the idea formed!  Admittedly the polishes in this first mani aren't from her store, but a couple are Sally Hansen! The green is Palm Treat and needed two coats, the white is OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and the stripes on the right hand are from a pink striper.  The pink dots on my left hand are SH Courtesan.  On the first pictures here I have topcoated with HK Girl.

I couldn't resist adding Mentality Matte top coat...

Here is the "Cinderella" hand with just dots because after doing them polka dots I couldn't be bothered to do more!

The Sally Magpies store purchases in today's post are all mattes which looked great when I swatched them on swatchsticks and they landed side by side to dry so I decided to combine them for a quick dotticure on New Years Day when I was feeling pretty rough.  I started with one coat of Layla Soft Touch in Aqua Zen - one coat!!!

No top coat on the pictures below, I love the rubbery finish of this polish.

The dots I added were all Mentality mattes with an amazing shimmer in them.  I used Cyclone which is purply grey, Mae which is soft cotton candy pink and Virginia which is a pale Audrey-esque blue.  I did top coat them with Mentality Matte Top Coat to even out the dots.


  1. I adore Sally Magpie's I did a series of posts on her store too!

  2. Great mani's, Emma! Loving the color choices you did for the 2nd one especially. :0)


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