Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Manglaze Cabron

Today's post is some simple swatches of Manglaze Cabron. I have been ill with a flu like bug so the next few days will be vault swatch and comparison posts, rather than nail art.

Two coats over Duri, no top coat.

I love the artwork on the bottles.

In the picture above there are vertical lines in my middle and ring fingers which weren't drying at matte as the rest if the nails.

I had intended to stamp over the polish after it was dry, but this was not to be. I sat down to watch a film with hubby whilst letting this dry to stamp over, afterwards I turned the light on and saw the shiny sections had turned into cracks! It was like a shatter polish! I suspect the problem was to do with my Duri not having fully dried.


This inky-blue-come-purple matte is a great shade, as with the other Manglaze products I found it went on great in one coat, I didn't top coat this as I prefer the matte finishes.  This one will be on my to try again list as this is a fab colour and my other three Manglaze polishes are amazing, I honestly think the fissures were due to my base coat.

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