Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Manglaze F-Off and Dye

Today I have swatches of Manglaze Fuck Off and Dye, a strawberry pink matte polish with shimmer.   I picked this up along with Ilf as part of my lemming slaying mission from Sally Magpies.

This polish applied like a dream, as with Ilf, it went on well in one coat and perfect in two, the brushes are great with these polishes and I found I needed very minimal clean up.

I love the labels on these bottles, they feel like real works of art!

Slight issue with my heavy handed application shows up on the middle finger, near the tip.  These polishes work best with thin coats.

Extreme close up of the shimmery particles, please forgive the dry skin on the cuticles: the only downside with blogging a matte finish is that if you oil or handcream you will ruin the appearance in a photo.

For purposes of comparison, I added a top coat of Seche to see how this looks with a shiny finish.  Personally I prefer the matte finish!

Hubby actually liked this pink, normally he would only say that a bright colour would "look good under stamping" so that's a big acheivement from the Manglaze polish!  I don't like the polish with shine as it becomes an everyday "safe" pink, but matte it's edgy and interesting!

Sally Magpies is now the UK distributor for Manglaze, go and show her some love for being a lemming slayer!!

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