Friday, 17 January 2014

Manglaze Lesbi-honest

Today is another Manglaze swatch, I could have posted them altogether but thought it would become picture heavy if I did.

Lesbi-honest is a deep raspberry pink with a matte finish, the matte isn't totally flat as there are little shimmers in there.  The polish, like the other two I have swatched, applies with great coverage in one coat, perfect in two.  I still need to fully master the idea of thin coats being better than thick ones as the bottom of my ring finger shows!

Pictures below are two coats, no base or top coat used.

I tried to get more bottle shots but they came out a bit blurry.

I did a little Beavis & Butthead style laugh whilst applying this, I thought it reminded me of Dutch tulips, then though two lips, huh huh huh... very childish I know!

Extreme close up!  As with my Fuck off and Dye swatches, please excuse the dry skin but I couldn't moisturise before taking the pictures.

I have done the top coated comparison pictures below, I think this shade is one I wouldn't look twice at with shiny finish.  The matte is amazing.

Again, like with Fuck Off and Dye, hubby liked the matte pink polish.  What can I say? Matte is where it's at!  I do love matte polishes, I have a lot of Mentality matte polishes plus their top coat, suede top coat and matte holo top coat so I hope you can put up with mattes for as long as I love them!!!

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