Saturday, 18 January 2014

Mentality Top Coats.

I love Mentality polishes, I got my first one Mae a few months ago and now have just one or two more ;)  Today I thought I would share a few of the toppers I have purchased.

I started out with a base of an indigo creme polish, Rimmel Barmy Blue then added the different toppers.  Apologies in advance for the red patch on my index finger, in some lights it looked worse than others, I have no idea how it happened, I suspect it was a burn.

Here is the same blue with a different topper on each nail.

Let's take a closer look - first up is Gold Flakie.

I haven't actually used Gold Flakie much, I applied it once over a green but smudged my nails before they dried and ended up removing it, then the next time I tried it was here on this one nail.  It looks to sway from gold to pink.  It offered a good quick coverage and looked great over this indigo / blue polish.  Flakies look good over dark polishes but equally I think they look fab over lighter colours so I will have to try this one over white.

Next is Suede
I am not sure if I am applying suede right as it has come out very silver on my appliations.  When I purchased it, I thought it would add a subtle matte finish with a shimmer, but I am getting lots of the silvery shimmer and losing the blue underneath some what in this application.  Again (shamed face) this topper is one I haven't used properly yet....  I will try experimenting by using this on dry nails so I can drag an almost dry brush over the polish to see if I get a finer result.

Onto the Matte topcoat.
This matte coat is the most used of the five toppers I am featuring in this post.  I got this before Christmas and have been debating on buying a back up bottle.  I do have OPI matte top coat waiting in the wings though so have restrained myself for now.  I don't know how Mentality compares to OPI as I haven't used the OPI yet.  I used to have China Glaze Matte Magic and the now discontinued Rimmel Matte Top Coat, in comparison to those, I have to say I prefer this.  Maybe it is because this is a huge bottle where the others were smaller, maybe it is because the finish is matte and smooth but not chalky.  Anyhow, for now this is my most favourite of matte top coats and I have used it almost daily to see how polishes change with the addition!  My favourite useage of this polish has to be in an unblogged mani using Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean over black (this next picture was taken on my phone)

Gotta love the matte finish!

The next finish is a matte holo topper.
I think I got this just before I got the matte top coat, but I have to admit the plain matte has pushed this one into the shadows.  I don't know why, it created a spectacular finish over the blue, matte with a holo shimmer.  Yummy.

Finally Holo.
Holo is just that, a holo topper turning any polish you have into a holo effect.  You can see in the bottle here that there is a rainbow flare, the actual on-the-nail-holo was less visible in the light box, but in real life it was definitely there.  If you want extreme holo finishes it's probably more worth your while to look into something like the holo topcoat from Iconic Effect as there are three strengths available.  When I applied all five toppers over Barmy Blue, holo was my favourite.  As with most of the others, I have neglected it a little in favour of matte, so I have moved this so it's next to my topcoats to ensure I do use it more often!

I like all of these toppers for the simple reason they give you more options, they give you the chance to take your plain blue polish and wear it differently, one polish with six looks.  If you only have a small collection of polishes (or if you have a crazy number like me) it's definitely worth considering getting (at the very least) a holo and a matte topper so that you can try different looks and finishes without a massive investment.

In the UK Mentality are available via Sally Magpies.  The top coats featured were purchased by me and retail between £4.50 and £5.50 each, there are also some more expensive gold leaf top coats available.


  1. Loving the look of that Matte and Matte Holo top coat, I just really like the way the change the look of the polish. I'll have to pop these onto my wish list!

  2. The halo topper looks really cool to add it to any nail polish :) Also the matte looks good also!

  3. Woahhh I love that holo topper!


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