Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My 2013 Review

Happy New Year!!!

Time for my round up of 2013 - I followed the same style of points that I used for my 2012 favourites.

My most purchased brand of polish.
Ermmm, I don't know if there has been one... I have bought a lot of everything this year, possibly Barry M?  It may be Sally Hansen as I didn't have many of them and now I have a lot of them! 

Most exciting collection of 2013
Ermmmmm, this year I don't think I have had a big collection of excitement this year...  Last year it was plain to me that China Glaze's Cirque du Soleil collection was the winner.  This year I liked a few collections from afar but didn't purchase many of them!  I guess the winner could be Adina with the new a-england collections as I have all of the Ballerina polishes and have wanted all of the other releases this year!

Most versatile polish
Last year it was a tie between a black creme and a blue creme.  This year I would say it isn't a polish as such it is a type of finish - I love textures for dotting, striping, wearing with studs, combining with similar colours for skittles.  Textures are great!

Most used retailer / website.
Errrrmm, depends on what for.  For indies or European brands Sally Magpies.  For mainstream, cheap polish I would say Fragrance Direct has been a site I will visit if scouting for polish.  It is interesting that I haven't ordered from last year's winner since February when they stole a load of blogger photos, cropped watermarks and generally behaved in an underhand manner.

Biggest surprise of 2013.
Texture polishes were my big surprise.  I hate having wrinkles in polish or it not being totally smooth, so to love textures and have so many has been a huge surprise.

Biggest hopes for 2014.
To maintain my blogging mojo.  Earlier in 2013 I decided to give up - in April after I had been to France, broken nails and had a break from blogging I didn't want to get back into it.  But in less than a month I was back.  I also had to take a small break and go to irregular posting when I injured a shoulder and spent most of October and November posting every other day.

Favourite blog to read of 2013.
I haven't read so many blogs this year.  I did scale back on the blogs I actually read (a little) as at one point I was subscribed to over 800!  If I am looking for swatches I will turn to Jen at The PolishAHolic as she will have an impeccable swatch and usually a comparison to something similar.  I have enjoyed reading a lot of the British Nail Bloggers this year, they are the ones I always make sure I read even if I only have limited time.  I actually prefer using Instagram now to reading blogs... (gasp)  If I see something I want to read more about I can usually click a link in the person's bio.

Special thanks to:
First one is the same as last year: I would like to thank The Lacquer Loving Lawyer for her support, I think of her as more than a polish buddy and even have her listed as my sister on my personal Facebook page!  I also want to thank Sally who has her fab Magpie store making it easier to get polishes in the UK, the lovely ladies in the Facebook group All Things Nails where we chat about nail related stuff and not nail related stuff too, along with the British Nail Blogger group. But the biggest thanks have to go to YOU!  The people reading this making me realise I am not alone in my obsession with nails!

New subjects for this year:

What went well?
I was able to complete the 31 DC in January and I have did a series when I chopped my nails off for SpaRitual and tested out their strengthener instead of my old OPI Nail Envy.  I was so impressed at how my nails grew!  My photography has come on in leaps and bounds since this time last year too!  I got a DSLR camera and love how clear the pictures are now!

What could've been better?
This is turning into a work appraisal.... hahaha well I guess there's a couple of things I started but didn't finish - I often forget the mid week British Nail Blogger link up, I started the tripolish challenge in Crumpet's Nail Tarts then pulled faces at the new few month's colours and sort of dropped out of that.  Not to mention starting the 33 day challenge and then having to drop out due to shoulder issues (the affect of the medication at the time is still making my nails quite weak) and I also did one day of the Ab Fab nails challenge and then had other things come up in real life which prevented me carrying on.  Thankfully the other issues affecting my motivation to continue the ab fab challenge and the black clouds of stress and worry were put to bed yesterday and I feel a new person today :)

Biggest Disappointment
I haven't purchased any China Glaze since early March so polish wise they have been a disappointment for me.  Royal Mail prices and the destruction of polish have meant I am buying less polish (although December has been a bit wild!) My absolute biggest disappointment goes directly to Google, the removal of their reader has made my blog reading experience far less enjoyable.  The alternative offerings were either Bloglovin or Feedly and I don't particularly like either of them.  I use Feedly but curse it daily when it misbehaves.  I find it often closes down when I am mid comment so I don't comment very much, if I try to read a full post it often closes down and throws me out, this could be partly why I have turned my "nail fix" preferences to Instagram instead, I don't use FB for polish following so much as it overran my news feed and meant I missed family and friends posting, IG is more or less wholly nails for me.

So that was last year in review! I am now revitalised and looking forwards to this year! How was 2013 for you???

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