Saturday, 4 January 2014

My first tea bag repairs

Recently I found my index fingernail was broken almost halfway across and it was on a day when I was at home so I thought I would make an attempt at repairing it using a tea bag.  I took a few pictures on my phone as I went, by some miracle I didn't end up glued to my phone although I did have the tweezers stuck on my left hand at one point....

The first one is a picture of the damage

Here it is without polish, right across the free edge of the nail: a horrible low break.

Here;s how it looked after Ihad applied the glue and tea bag, before buffing.

This next one was after buffing and with a base coat of Duri applied.

And here with a coat of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls ready to go with the next mani.

Sadly.... the repair didn't last long.  I woke up the following morning with my nail hanging off.  It didn't even last 16hrs :(  I ended up filing all my nails back, new year, new nubbiny nails.  On Monday's Nail Art for Nubbins post, my newly shortened nails were revealed, along with a mishapen index finger! I haven't posted many nail pictures this week I have been waiting on them evening out a little!

But at least I know using Duri has helped them to grow well over the last month so hopefully they'll grow well again now!


  1. I think winter is the worst time for those low breaks. I had three fingers with low breaks in the past two weeks, so I feel your pain!

    1. Luckily this one has soon evened up, two weeks and it will almost look normal!

  2. Did you only teabag over the split?
    I find they last longer if you teabag a larger section, if you can manage the cutting right preferably the whole nail.

    1. I did use a very slightly bigger patch, I didn't think to do the full nail. Thanks for the tip! I haven't ever bothered to repair any breaks and it put me off a bit that it didn't work. I will hold it in mind if I ever get an opportunity to repair a break again!

  3. Ouch, that's a really low break :(
    I'd recommend buying some fibreglass wrap and nail resin because you can get that to last weeks :) x

  4. Ouch, I hate breaks like those! I have yet to try the tea bag repair myself, but will have to try the ideas you and the other ladies here have suggested when/if I ever do try it. The dotticure mani turned out great on your new nubbins though! :D


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