Friday, 31 January 2014

R&R lacquers The New Black swatches and review

Today I have swatches of polishes from a new UK Indie brand R&R Lacquers.  R&R are two of my fellow British Nail Bloggers and their first collection "The New Black" is released today.

The New Black is a collection of five glitter toppers designed to be worn over black or dark polishes.

I have been lucky enough to have been sent three of these to review.   All pictures below are one coat of base colour then one coat of R&R and are shown without topcoat.

First is Elegant, when I unwrapped the polishes I have to admit this was the first one I was drawn to, it's my favourite type of blues with iridescent shimmer.

Elegant was the first of the polishes I tried.  I was incredibly impressed at how smoothly the polish applied, the suspension base Rachael and Rebecca have used is amazing! I find a lot of glitters have a thick base which can pull at the colour you're wearing it over and cause streaking.  Not a problem here though :)

I love the two tone glow visible on little finger here, the iridescent glitters  are fab.

Now... being a bit of a rebel I couldn't resist trying The New Black collection over some lighter colours too.  I swatched each New Black polish over a-england Camelot, but also over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Sparrow Me the Drama to see how they looked.

To avoid a mammoth picture heavy post I will only show one white base and one pink base picture.

I loved this over white, but I can see how it pops more over black.

I really like the colour clash against the pink, but again the black pops more!

 Next is Bewitching.  Bewitching is more two tone glitters, some pink, blue and green larger glitters and some smaller black glitters.  Looking at this in the bottle I didn't think I would see much of it over black, but WOW! It looks fab over black!

The colours in this polish reminds me of flakies.

I loved the square and normal glitters in this polish.

Here it is over white. The colours don't stand out much on this picture.

Here over pink.

I think this looks best over black despite my earlier misjudgement!

Finally I have Radiant.  Radiant is a combination of two shapes of glitter in a rainbow of colours.

I love the fact this is slightly different to other rainbow polishes I have.

The colour balance is great.

This one I do love over white, perhaps more than over black, you see the colours and how they are softer colours than other rainbow polishes such as Picture Polish Blogger.

Comparatively the lighter base colours make Radiant look quite soft, yet they pop over black.

Each of the polishes applied like a dream, no fishing about for glitter and no need to really dab them on.  The glitter combinations really work (what else could I expect from two nail addicts and bloggers!) and this first collection is really strong.

I don't have too many details about how much these will cost and but they will be selling 10ml bottles via an Etsy store and the full launch is today.  Be sure to go and like their Facebook page to keep up to date and get details on how to buy these.

R&R provided these for an honest review, base colours were purchased by me.


  1. Elegant over white is stunning! Great swatches!

  2. I agree with Liz. Elegant over white is really beautiful!

  3. I agree with Liz. Elegant over white is really beautiful!


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