Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tri-Polish Tuesday

I'm a member of the Crumpets Nail Tarts group on Facebook and have kind of forgotten about the TriPolish Challenge in the latter part of last year because it used to be the last two weeks of the month on a Tuesday and Thursday, with the dates moving it would slip my mind.  This year it has changed a little, now it is just a Tuesday and through out a month plus you don't have to stick to the same polishes throughout.

January's Tri-Polish colours are red, orange and yellow so today's red is a-england Perceval, the orange is OPI A Roll in the Hague and the yellow is Beauty UK Yellow Peril.

I adopted a mani I saw Debbie Crumpet do last year, Debbie did hers using Nails Inc teals with cream dots.  I remember reading the blogpost when we were travelling up to Ikea.  Funny the trivia you remember!

The first pictures are with HK Girl and lots of light reflection.  The yellow on my skin wasn't visible to the eye, I have cleaned up yet when I came to watermark and upload the pictures there it was yellow cuticles? WTF?!?!

With my current matte obsession I added Mentality Matte top coat.

At times this makes me think tortoise shell, at times it's leopard and sometimes I even think Giraffe.  I know it's animal of some sort!  So I think on a later Tri-Polish Tuesday I will adding some black and white and going with an animal print!


  1. I love your Tri Polish mani. It does look like some sort of crazy animal!

  2. I definitely lean more giraffe on this one. Love the look after matting!

  3. thats a great mani! cheers to Ikea haha xx


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