Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tri Polish Tuesday

Today is Tri-Polish Tuesday, the third this month with colours red, orange and yellow.

Today's is my favourite of the month so far.  I would like to give credit to the person who created this look, but given the place I saw it done was by a certain V-Logger on You Tube who has been the centre of much attention for NOT giving credit, I have no idea who originally came up with this!  If you do know please feel free to comment and tell me.

This week I have used all three colours again.  That's every time so far this month :)  I have changed my polishes this week to use Barry M Gelly in Blood Orange (red) Mango (orange) and Lemon Ice Cream (yellow) along with black, white and a glitter.

I used a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, added the coloured stripes from the edge of the nail to the centre, then put the black frame on using a black striper polish.  As an accent, moving away from the V-Logger version, I used coordinating glitter on two nails, my glitter is Rainbow Chess by Nail Arcade.  Then topcoated all over, then  I used Mentality Matte top coat in the visible white area only.

I really do like the look of this mani!

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  1. Your manicure looks adorable! I love it ^^

  2. I love that Rainbow Chess. Are they going to be launched, do you know?


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