Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Winterberry Nail Art Kit

This is a relatively picture free post with a review of the Winterberry Nail Art kit I purchased in December.  I had intended to post my new year nails today, but saw on Facebook yesterday that these sets are half price and being removed from the shop on Friday as the owner, Rachel can't store them in her accommodation.

I gave the set Gold and Silver Nail Art kit to my youngest step daughter Chelsea as she is starting to develop an interest in nails and I thought it would be an ideal mini kit for her.  Chelsea is 15 and currently studying for her GCSEs, she is part way through her first year of a hair and beauty course and really enjoying it.  The set contained a dotting tool, striping tape, some gold and silver leaf, rhinestones, microbeads, flock and glequins.  There is also some fab holo circles not pictured in the box above.  When she got the set, apart from the dotting tool, glequins and rhinestones, she was uncertain on how to use striping tape, leaf, flock or the microbeads.

The picture below is the quick skittle we did with her nails using the bits she wasn't sure on.

The thumb was striped with silver base and black texture over the top, this was her favourite nail of the lot, she has since done her own nails again with striping tape and done her mum's too!

The nail art kit seems great value, all these items are a fab starter kit for someone just getting into nails and a great top up to someone needing a few extras.

I was offered a discount on the set as a blogger, but this hasn't in anyway affected my opinions, the answer is Chelsea loves it!

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