Monday, 24 February 2014

Magpie Monday

As a break between the every other day swatches I curently have scheduled, today's Magpie Monday is one with some simple nail art and is featuring my current stumps with the two missing corners and presently two cuts on my hand - we are currently redecorating and I seem to have a cut on my cuticle on my little finger and another one on my middle finger.  Origins unknown on both!

 Alison from UK Nail Runner blog recently featured a fab gradient using Mentality and Manglaze matte polishes.  I hadn't considered using mattes for a gradient because in my head the smooth finish would be ruined by dabbing with a sponge.  Inspired by Alison, I tried a gradient using Mentality Virginia and Hero.  The first few pictures here of the gradient alone aren't as smooth as I would like, but as I had plans for this I left it alone...

I dotted over the gradient base using Manglaze Cabron.  I then "smoothed" over the whole nail using Mentality Matte top coat.  Perfect.

This Magpie Monday is a particular favourite as I love each of the colours individually and combined they look amazing!  The polishes used are all from Sally Magpies.  I starte Magpie Mondays as a way to feature my purchases from Sally Magpies, the posts are not sponsored.  I seem to have posted A LOT of Magpie purchases recently, it's my growing Mentality collection that is to blame!!!

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  1. These are gorgeous! I love how those blues work together.


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