Saturday, 15 February 2014

Mentality Bandit and Brute

Today I have a double bill of Mentality mattes to share - I wore each of these earlier this week, Bandit on Sunday and Brute on Monday.  I am hoping to catch up on NAGGDay15 later, so there may be a second blog post from me coming up (probably tonight) but for now some swatches.

Bandit was not intended to be swatched when these photos were taken, I was just doing a quick paint job rather than having naked nails, however once it was on the nail I loved it so much that I got hubby to set up the light box for me (defenceless and useless with just painted nails!) and then I took the pictures!

Bandit is a green matte from the Mentality matte range, the mattes go on smoothly and wear really well.  Pictures are with two coats, no top coat, over my current strengthener Duri.

The lines in the centre of the middle finger and ring fingers were down to my heavy handed application, I hadn't intended to photograph these so I just loaded it on!

With all of the mattes I do like to do a shiny comparison.  Below is with HK Girl.

This colour is a fab dragon-y shade of green.

Next is Brute, a vibrant mid blue shade.  I actually wore this for a day before deciding to take photographs so the pictures below are a bit of a layer sandwich: two coats of Duri, two coats of Brute, a days wear then a third layer of Brute to freshen up.  The fact that the third layer went on so smoothly is an indicator in how well these polishes wear, mattes can be unforgiving and show every flaw so if this had worn horribly the finish would be different.

This next picture shows how it looked after a day's wear - as seems to be normal I had a little polish peeling from the left sidewall of my thumb (which I use on the space bar all day at work) and some slight tip wear.  As the photo above show this repaired very easily.

As I forgot to do topcoated pics of Brute or any close ups, this final photo is to demonstrate why I rarely use my phone's camera, look how dark this polish appears! If I saw this without the bottle label I would have guessed it was Sailor!

I bought these from Sally Magpies, the UK stockist for Mentality polishes.  The Mentality polishes are available from £4.50-£6.75 depending on the range the polish is from, Sally offers free postage on purchases over £20.


  1. These are really pretty - especially that green one :)

  2. Bandit is to die for!!! I love it!

  3. Both gorgeous and a matte's that wear well? That's fab

  4. Wow Emma, these look fantastic. I'm going to buy Bandit now (shakes fist!).... already have and love Brute!


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