Sunday, 16 February 2014

Mentality Sailor

Mentality Sailor is a polish I hadn't yet swatched alone, I have shown it as a base in a guest post for The Crumpet when she did her British Nail Blogger Christmas series.  This polish is too amazing not to be shown in it's full glory, especially after I mentioned it in yesterday's post about Brute.

Sailor is a deep matte blue from the Mentality matte range, it goes on smoothly in two coats (you can probably get away with one, but I tried for two thinner coats) it has a fab shine as you apply it then dries matte, so you know it'll look equally stunning with top coat, just as it does alone.

I don't tend to wear dark shades like this very often as I get horrible tip wear but Mentality polishes wear like iron on me so I know I can wear this and enjoy it.

I had to add some top coat to see how this would look.

As I preferred the matte I decided to use matte top coat to see if I could regain the beauty of this matte, I didn't consider just adding an extra layer or Sailor!  The picture below shows how it dried, not as matte as just using Sailor.

In this final picture you can see the hand which had Sailor > top coat > matte top coat at the top and below is the "Cinderella" left hand with just Sailor on there.

I bought Sailor and Matte top coat from Sally Magpies, the UK stockist for Mentality polishes.  The Mentality polishes are available from £4.50-£6.75 depending on the range the polish is from, Sally offers free postage on purchases over £20.

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