Sunday, 23 February 2014

Mentality Stunning

Another Mentality matte swatched here, I have one or two of them... (tongue firmly in cheek)

Stunning, like Tempest, I stalked the Sally Magpies restock to buy.  I had seen this photographed on a swatch stick on Facebook in my news feed and knew I had to get it!!  This is part of the matte range, it is shown in two coats here, no base or top coats in these pictures.

I was dubious about adding a layer of top coat as I pretty much knew (and will go into in a moment) that I wouldn't like it shiny.

Similarly to Manglaze "Fuck Off and Dye" and "Lesbihonest," this type of shade I wouldn't normally covet but the edgy matte finishes make me like them.  With top coat it leaves me less enamoured, it's a bog standard every day old woman type of polish (IN MY OPINION!)  With the finish it is designed to have - WOW!

I bought this from Sally Magpies, the UK stockist for Mentality polishes.  The Mentality polishes are available from £4.50-£6.75 depending on the range the polish is from, Sally offers free postage on purchases over £20.

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