Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mentality Tempest

Today should be Nail Art a Go Go day 8 still life. Real life got in the way and I have horrible sinusitis, so instead of doing my nails last night or today, I have chipped Baker St Blue on. I am sharing today swatches of a stunning polish I stalked Sally Magpies to buy!

Tempest is a Mentality matte polish which has a blackened base with hints of red coming through. Very vampy on the nail.

Mentality recently posted on their Facebook page that this shade was one of their most popular sellers last year and I can totally understand why. It was out of stock at Sally Magpies but after much stalking I managed to get it in the restock.

The next pictures were after 24hrs. The matte edge had softened as I had been applying hand cream and cuticle oils, it has more of a satin effect.   Minimal wear: I had actually filed my nails whilst wearing this, usually nail filing will not be good for my polish.

Before removing I decided to see how it would look shiny. Still amazing, but I am a matte sucker!

Mentality polishes are currently sold in the UK by Sally Magpies or you can buy directly from them. The prices vary from £4.50-£7 depending on which collection they come from.  I love the range of matte finishes, the holos are fab and there are also some amazing stampy polishes in the collections.


  1. Replies
    1. I am surprised how much I like it as I rarely go for classic vampy shades, maybe it's got an edge by being matte?

  2. This is super pretty. No wonder it's so popular!!

    1. All the mattes have an amazing finish when matte or shiny, this one is a real treasure though!


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