Thursday, 13 February 2014

NAGG day 13 Hearts / Valentines / Born Pretty Store review.

Today's Nail Art a Go Go is themed hearts, I've kind of loosely interpreted hearts into a general Valentines theme ready for tomorrow and included a review for Born Pretty Store too as I had the nail art items sent for review.

This idea was vaguely inspired by Lou at Tips and Top Coats, she recently created galaxy nails with black heart balloons on strings, the idea was fresh in my mind from there.  This skittlette didn't take much doing, but the strings on the balloons were the bug bear for me, should've used a finer striper!

Polishes used were pink texture polish Kiko 452, the pink ring finger is Sanctuary Pink from the Christmas set I bought in Boots post Christmas sale and the sponged nail is a base of Morgan Taylor Polished Up with SpaRitual Uncomplicated (press sample) China Glaze Snap My Dragon, Sally Hansen Courtesan and Mentality Cyclone.

The heart shaped studs and flowers were review items from Born Pretty Store, so I shall briefly give a review here.

The stud wheel pictured below has an array of hearts, although Valentines is seasonal for hearts. they are something you can use all year round.  Good selection of colours.

The 3D flower on my middle finger is the surpise here, I didn't think I would like it but I did!  In fact this was my favourite of them all!  I was disappointed when I saw the flowers, they came in a little plastic bag with just 10, but actually closer inspection shows them to be nice little flower shapes.

I was actually a little let down by my recent experience of Born Pretty Store, I was sent some items back in summer which didn't come, possibly due to the enforcement of aviation rules, the package was resent in Octobber and still didn't come.  These items were sent in December and took six weeks to arrive, much slower than normal! They do offer great value for money, but if you need an item for a particular date my recent experience would have me looking to buy within the UK.

I do have a discount code available to use at BPS website.

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