Monday, 17 February 2014

NAGG Day 17 - Animation & Magpie Monday

I had been looking forwards to today's prompt "animation" as a chance to do a cartoon dog I'd taken a screenshot of some time ago.

image source

Now this weekend has been a bit shitty on my hands, I had another nail break and had to file back, it's about 4 weeks since they were this length last and I hadn't realised how much they had grown.  Any how crappy nubbins ahead.

And the dog?  It looked more like fucking Mutley from Wacky Races.

Can you tell I'm not loving this one?!!!?

As this is a Monday I've used my Sally Magpie purchases to create this - the nails with the brown holo are Cirque Mink, the pink paw prints are the now discontiuned from Sally's site Catrice The Pinky and The Brains.  The dog is a combination of Mentality Endeavour and Cirque Mink over a base of Mentality Mae.  The black and white are stripers.

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  1. hehehe - HE'S CUTE! And i really like the brown pink dots combo too!


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