Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Nail Art a Go Go Day 11

NAGG day 11 is wallpaper.

My wallpaper is a blatent take on the way Lisa at Cosmetic Sanctuary recently showed swatches of Mairead, with plain nails and an accent stamped.  I matted mine though.  If it hadn't been for Lisa's amazing pictures I wouldn't have picked this shade up!

We don't have any wallpaper, just plainly painted walls, but if we did it would have to be a bold print and on one wall.  I opted for a Baroque style pattern from my Pueen stamping plates, stamped with Mentality Mairead over Barry M Espresso.  The other nails have two coats of Mairead with matte top coat.

The Mentality polish was purchased by me, the Barry M was a press sample.


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