Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nail Art a Go Go Day 12 plus Cirque Lichen swatches

Today's NAGG theme is Camouflage, I haven't done camo nails for 18 months so I was looking forwards to this prompt.  I opted for "classic" camo.  Even hubby said it looked a little military.

Firstly I have some swatches of the base colour, then onto the camo! My base colour for this post was Cirque Lichen, a green glittery polish in a blackened base.

Lichen applied flawlessly and is shown in two coats, this reminds me of the CG Halloween type shades I always covet but seldom buy!

I do love how this looks glittery yet isn't a glitter nightmare to remove! Cirque polishes have a gentle smell to them which I cannot pinpoint, I think I once read that they have an oil in them, but I could be mistaken.  I used two coats in the pictures above, no top coat. This was provided for review and can be purchased in the UK from Sally Magpies.

And now my camo....

I used a combination off matte browns (Mentality Endeavor and Barry M Caramel*) over the glittery green Cirque Lichen* and added Color Club Kismet for some holo. Polishes marked * were samples sent for review, the others were purchased by me.

Here are the other challengers nails...


  1. Lichen looks so nice - I think it's a bit similar to Orly It's Not Rocket Science. Lovely camo too :)

  2. The cirque polish is really pretty, however I don't think I would get much use out of a green myself.

  3. Great camo! I love the green you chose as a base! So multi-dimensional!

  4. That Cirque is gorgeous! I love green nail polish, so it is right up my alley. I also like your combo of finishes, it gives a unique twist to the typical camo!

  5. ah!!!! that base color is such a ME color! love it! and i like how some of your little camo spots look like hearts!!


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