Friday, 14 February 2014

Nail Art a Go Go Day 14 plus SpaRitual Magnify swatches

Today is Nail Art a Go Go day 14 with the theme sweets.  I have combined this with a review of a nail polish from the new SpaRitual Explore collection which I was provided for review so in this post there are swatches then NAGG further down the post.

Magnify is a creme pink polish which looks quite a pastel polish in the bottle, yet on the nail this becomes almost neon and is like Barbie on acid!

The pictures are two coats of Magnify without top coat.  With many neons a white base coat is best to make it "pop" however Magnify is perfect alone.

As always, this polish is a delight to apply and the Ferrari designed bottle (with recycled glass) has that amazing grip handle cap, SpaRitual brushes are one of my favourites for control.

SpaRitual are Vegan Society approved and the polishes are free of nasty chemicals.

I love how shiny this is, unlike my other neon finishes this one dries shiny, in my experience neons are usually satin.

All in all this polish is a fab new shade, part of the seasonal release, perfect for brightening up dull winter days and will be great for summer (when it eventually turns up!)

The polish was provided for review by   I meant to post this review sooner, I had this polish in my helmer since just before Christmas, I even  wore the polish on Christmas day and thought I had already blogged it!  I wore it with a holo top coat for Christmas day and it was very twinkly and lovely!

Now onto NAGG!  The theme sweets and the pink base I already had made me think of bubblegum.  When I was a kid (back in the 80s) I used to get a 10p mix, a bag of sweets at 1p each thrown together in a paperbag.  There was also a bubblegum, individually wrapped which I used to try to get my mum to buy.  Iasked hubby if he could remember  what they were called then turned to Google to find it, I used to love these bubblegums.  Turns out they were called Bubbly!

Image source
Taking the pink, turquoise, yellow and white as my theme I decided to dot.  The yellow I used looks a bit orange over pink :|  Pictures below are with HK Girl top coat.


My dotting colours were OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Barry M Guava (both purchased by me) and Beauty UK Yellow Peril (previously privded for review)

Here are the other Sweet inspired NAGGS


  1. This is adorable. It literally made me smile! (Which is super hard today because I have a good job! :) )


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