Sunday, 9 February 2014

Nail Art a Go Go Day Nine

After sitting out yesterday's NAGG I have managed to get today's prompt completed, Inner Geek.

My inner geek is retro gaming, I enjoy some of the newer Lego games, but I Sega and Nintendo games from the early 90s!  I opted for PacMan as it was an iconic game from the early 80s when I was a nipper and also fairly simple to recreate on the nail.  My dad had an Atari when I was young, my favourite game was Maze Craze, although I did play PacMan too.  His game of choice was Asteroids.

On the nail we have PacMan on the thumb, the maze and tablets on the index and middle fingers, the silver square is meant to be one of those magic squares allowing ou to eat the ghosts an the little finger is the ghost!

This idea of nail art isn't particularly unique, I believe it may  be Sammy at the Nailasaurus where I first encountered this design.

Polishes used were Barry M Espresso and Vanilla (press samples) the rest were bought by me, Mentality Brute is the blue base for the ghost, Pacman is Mentality Taffy, the blue walls of the maze is Bejewelled and I used silver and black stripers for some of the details.

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  1. :D Love these, and your little blue ghost is so cute! x

  2. Love this! It totally made me smile! Ah, memories of the 80's. :D


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