Sunday, 2 February 2014

Nail Art a Go Go Day Two plus Girly Bits His & Lear swatches

So.... Day two is Jewel Tones.  Today is a big fat fail and I'm quite late in the day posting, but I am still going to share it.  Firstly some swatch pictures of Girly Bits Hiss & Lear, two coats, no top coat.

Hiss & Lear is a multichrome which applies well and dries less brushstrokey than I imagined.  The bottle shot below shows the colours it goes through, green, blue, bronze and fuchsia are the main colours.

As ever, I found that the multi chromatic nature was very shy when in the light box, so I got a bowl of water.  Like my last attempt with water (over a year ago!) I didn't think to use warm water, I used cold water from the cold tap.  My hands were freezing when I had done (I took around 12 pictures)

Onto NAGG Day two....  Jewel tones made me think of duochromes and multchromes, they all have a rich feel to them and jewel inspired shades.  After two days wear, including a trip to Ikea and a bit of girl power book case building, Hiss & Lear was a little worse for wear on the tips.  I used it as my base to dab the colours over intending on a splodgy, saran effect which I would stamp over.

Results?   Fat fail as Hiss & Lear moves through most of the shades above and they were pretty hidden on the nail.

I was so "Meh!" I didn't bother to stamp!


  1. Now that is my kind of green - really bright and dramatic! Loving the use of different chrome nail polishes in your posts :)

  2. I've used the Revlon Chromas over sponged over black, and they did pop nicely - but Hiss and Lear is such a gorgeous vibrant shade, no wonder it didn't want to hide in the background :D


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