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Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil Review

Also known as "What's this, another challenge I didn't complete?!"

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Warning - the post contains bare nail photos - not pretty!

I have recently heard a lot of people raving about how good Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil™ is.  Bliss Kiss is a brand I was already aware of, I knew that you could get refillable pens and that the founder used to have the recipe plainly on her website as she had nothing to hide.  I knew the oils were totally natural and basically you could eat it if you so desired.  I recall Kimber of Kimber's Lacquer corner reviewing the products, I think that may have been where my awareness started.

I have been using (and very happy with) SpaRitual Cuti-Cocktail oil.  In January the bottle I have been using was getting low and I started using it more sparingly, I just kept forgetting to buy it, so of course my cuticles suffered.  When I decided to buy some more, foolishly I turned to Amazon not the SpaRitual website and ended up with a bottle of cuticle remover being sent to me!  I didn't complain and kept it to try:  the remover is actually pretty good and I am impressed with it, I previously have used Sally Hansen, but stopped using that as it was incredibly drying and I found my hands looked worse for a week after I used it.  Until this remover appeared I have been applying oil and Burt's Bee's Lemon Cream then gently pushing them back.

So in February I have a bottle of remover and STILL no oil.  I read another fab review of Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil™ and decided to look into this further. In the end my decision was to buy it.  I paid $19.99 for the starter kit with a 15 ml bottle and 2 ml pen, with postage this came to $29.44 (the paypal conversion rates on day of purchase make this £18.18)  If I had had a choice to only buy a bottle I probably would've done that, but I am glad I got the pen too now.

I ordered on a Tuesday and by the following Monday it arrived, less than a week!

As soon as the oils arrived I took of my polish and started applying it, Pure Nail Oil™ have a 3 day hydration treatment, also known as a naked 3 day challenge.  The theory is that for the first three days you really give your nails a drink of these oils, applying the oils potentially every 30 mins if they need it.

And of course, the word challenge means I am bound to give it up!

I got through most of day one without any problems, no polish?  No problem.  This was because I was at home with hubby who is still unwell and his condition needed monitoring.  I say no problems for most because at the end of day one I have a shower.  My nails are naturally quite flat and water leaves me with tips flaring outwards and starting to catch on things.  I have white patches in my nails (which I will go onto later...) and after showering these look very white.  My nails don't look good (but my skin and nails feel amazing!)  Day two?  Oh noes... I am back at work....  I have naked nails which look disgusting....  I go home and after no polish for about 36 hours, I paint my nails.  Challenge failed to some degree!  I polished up my nails and have maintained intensive use of the oil so I did almost complete the challenge, I just didn't stay bare!

The next picture was taken after one application, before the shower and the flaring and the bad white splotched look.

The oil and application itself is a dream.  The fragrance I got was "Crisp" and is something I noticed for the first couple of uses, then have gotten used to.  The texture of the oil is very dry.  I said this previously of SpaRitual oil, which also has Grapeseed Oil.  Pure Nail Oil™ is a slightly yellow colour and quite a thin oil (it is similar in colour to the Olive Oil I sometimes use to soak my nails in, but Pure Nail Oil™ is not as thick as the Olive Oil)  I find that as soon as I apply Pure Nail Oil™ there is next to no rubbing and it is soaked up quickly.  The creator of the oils, Ana, recommends rubbing as far as the first knuckle to promote blood flow to the nail and help growth.  She also says if you over apply to rub excess into your hands.  Believe me I was over applying to begin with.  Habitually I drop the brush back in the bottle between fingers, the recommendation is that one drop will cover all 10 nails.  I can get five before I end up redipping now. 

My experiences?

I didn't break a nail during the naked time, this is rare.  As soon as I started using the oils I could feel a difference to my skin.  I had horrible dry skin built up around my side walls, this started to loosen and come off during the initial 2 days of oiling.  If I had taken lots of photos you would see by day 3 my sidewalls were worse.  The reason for this is because for many years I have been a cuticle picker, when I started blogging I nipped any dry skin on my side walls so it didn't stick up and tempt me to pick, peel or nibble.  I didn't actually realise it but my side walls were a build up of hardened skin and as soon as I started to oil this build up came away and left me with some small hangnail cuts.  Now at the start of day 6 they are healing and I can't believe how much softer that area of my finger feels!

I mentioned earlier about  white patches on my nails.  Since using Duri, I have had horrible white patches develop on my nails.  I have read about it causing lifting and it sort of looks like that, but I  have had 2 nails lift previously - one with infection and one with damage.  The white patches Duri caused do not look like this, nor do my ails feel like they are lifting.  I honestly think it may be caused by my nails being in a tight curved shape when polished but naturally wanting to be flat.  I have noticed after five days of putting oil around the tip of my fingers and really getting it on the free edge and hyponychium area that the whitened areas don't look as bad (but I haven't gone naked for more than half an hour so I don't honestly know!)  The pen has been really useful for getting under my tips and keeping in my handbag so I am glad I have it.   

Notice how on these naked nail pictures I haven't bothered to watermark?  Please go ahead and steal these horrible pics, I would like to disown them!

I have mentioned in the past that I have eczema.  My bottle and pen are both in the "Crisp" scent.  Reviews tell me this means it is scented with grapefruit and vanilla amongst other things.  Some people say it smells of lemonade.  I can't describe it, but I like it!  I didn't think about the potential irritation I could have had to the fragrance, but fortunately I had no reactions.  I have mentioned time and time again that as a nail blogger I am right handed but fell into blogging using my right hand.  The decision came for continuity on pictures and because my left hand is always worst for eczema.  After using this oil my hand feels really smooth, no itching area, no sore cracked skin and no little bumps about to erupt into a horrible flare up.    At the start of the naked challenge, the tip of my ring finger was cracked to the point that it would catch on fabric and make me wince, after five days it feels "normal."

This next picture is one I took on my phone with flash, it has made the redness looks worse than it actually is.  The areas circled in blue are my troubled areas.  The usual triggers for my flare ups are detergents so I make sure I wear gloves when doing anything around the house.  Even picking a plate up off the draining board with just a few soap suds can set it off.

I know this has been a long post, but I am so in love with this product right now!  I wish we had a UK distributor (Sally Magpies??) so that I could pay less on postage costs, but I think I will be getting one of the 4oz bottles.   I have plenty of empty bottles for my old oils I can wash out and top up so I can have a bottle on my desk at work, one in my bag, one with my nail stuff, one by the bed.  

Before making the decision to buy this set I actually googled "bad review of Bliss Kiss Nail oil" and found nothing but positive blog reviews, I even registered as an affiliate because this is a product I fell in love with before I even had it!  It seems that the  Ana has got liquid gold here! 

The full product selection can be found here at NailCare HQ website.

The links are affiliate links, I purchased the product myself.

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  1. The main ingredient (and the active one at that) is jojoba oil. I know she adds some other oils and fragrance, but her own research on her website states (or used to) that it's the jojoba that's the active ingredient. So you can just buy jojoba oil and add some fragrances (essential oils). Search my blog for the details if you don't know how to make it - you can make ten bottles worth for about £12!


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