Sunday, 9 March 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer - Caramel Apple

I have always enjoyed thermal polishes, around 13 years ago I was madly in love with Special FX Fickle polishes after buying them from QVC (I reviewed some of them a while ago, the range are still available directly from FXNailz!) so I have been delighted with the trend for thermal polishes.  At the moment my nails are very nubbiny so I don't have a great result when I wear them, but a couple of weeks ago when they were longer I managed to swatch and wear some.  Today I have Liquid Sky Lacquer Caramel Apple.

First picture is cold (and wet !)  All pictures are two coats over Duri, no top coat.

When cool Caramel Apple is a lovely soft orange holo.  The next photo is at a "resting" gradient stage, when wearing this I saw it look this way a lot.

Finally here it is when warm.  I found this polish something of an enigma when warm, when I was indoors at night it looked a soft gold with a hint of green, almost like a-england Princess Sabra.  Outside the next day it looked a much more vibrant green!

In the pictures below I had had my right hand under the cold tap to try and get some pictures of this in transition.  My circulation refused to play along, only my thumb and ring finger started to get warm, the other fingers remained cold for some time!

In the next picture, my left hand was warm and the right hand cool, it shows the contrast between the two colours!

And finally the gradient effect.

My thoughts on this polish?  I like how it seems to react quite well to temperature changes, my hands are often quite warm, but the tips would go the cooler colour.  It didn't need ages in the freezer or under the cold tap to get the cooler colour to show.  I have actually worn this three times in a month.  I didn't like one thing with this polish: each time I have applied it at least one nail has had a clump of pigment, I have managed to keep brushing the polish and move it to the tip to remove it.  This isn't unique to this brand either, I have had similar trouble with a Black Cat Lacquer thermal.  This is why the photo with both hands has what looks like a dent on the middle finger nail on my left hand, it is actually a lump!

I purchased this from Rainbow Connection.


  1. Very pretty! Love that it's a thermal as well as a holo! Double whammy of goodness :D

  2. Thermal holo? Not a combination I've seen before - shame about the lumps


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