Saturday, 22 March 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer Jekyll & Hyde

Just found this in my drafts, thought I had already posted this!

Liquid Sky Lazquer is my favourite brand for thermal polishes as they are very reactive to temperature changes, holo and some great combinations.  

This first picture is a totally warm hand, the colour when warm is an orangey nude.  It sort of reminded me of a slightly more orange toned Butter London All Hail the Queen.  The cool shade reminds me of one of the later versions of OPI My Private Jet.

The next picture is with the tips cool, a deep brown almost black shade.

And this next  one is just run under the cold tap (my hands  are hotter than hell normally when I am inside!)   You can just see in the middle or my ring finger the warmer shade starting to creep in!

I used three coats of Jekyll & Hyde, I suspect two would have done but I added the third for good measure.  THis was over two coats of Duri and with HK Girl.

I purchased this from Rainbow Connection.


  1. Yet another gorgeous creation from LSL :))

  2. Liquid Sky Lacquer is my favorite for thermals, too, and Jeckyl & Hyde was my first one. My hands run pretty warm, but we've had such a cold winter that I got to see the two colors almost equally. You should also definitely check out LSL's red-to-gold beauty, Just Lucky, if you haven't already. Big fun in a tiny little package!


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