Monday, 24 March 2014

Magpie Monday and a then / now skittlette.

Today it's yet another Magpie Monday.  This one sees me hopping off to work on crutches as I have some issues with my knee, cause still unknown, I suspect it's "housemaids knee" though.

I have a then and now recreation  of a leopard print skittlette I originally did in February 2013.  I will link to the original post and show the original nails later in this post.

As it's a Magpie Monday all of the polishes featured are ones I have purchased myself from Sally Magpies.

For the recreation the pink is Layla Soft Touch Neon Pink, purple is Mentality Rowdy, the teal is Layla Soft Touch Aqua Zen, the leopard spots are Mentality Jackie and the black holo nails are Jade Magia.  I have used top coat on the pictures above.

Here is the original attempt.

Magpie Mondays are something I started in January to feature some of the growing collection of polishes I have purchased from Sally Magpies.  This is in no way a sponsored post.

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