Monday, 3 March 2014

Magpie Monday, Stripe and Flowers

Today's Magpie Monday post was something which I loved in my head, but in reality I cocked it up by choosing the wrong colours in a last minute swap!

My nubbins are growing quite nicely now, just a little length needed to my index and thumb and I'll be happy!

I started with a base of Mentality Dignity (this is also the pale colour used for the centre dots on the flowers) then free handed stripes using Mentality Jackie and Rowdy, Layla Coral Zen and as a last minute switch I added Manglaze Lesbihonest to my stripes.  I was going to dot my flowers with Lesbihonest.  Instead I dotted my flowers using Layla Aqua Zen.

The day I did these nails I had a delightful rash which was spreading furiously across my body, as I was trying to not scratch it I deliberately wore them matte as they take longer to dry and  knowing I'd bugger up my nails helped spare my skin.  Following day I saw my GP who says I have an allergy to something, cause unknown, but it's clearing up now!

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