Monday, 17 March 2014

Magpie Monday Zoya Pixiedusts

Monday again??  This week for Magpie Monday I have swatched all of the Zoya PixieDust polishes I have (I only have four!)

Zoya polishes were one of those elusive brands, hard to find in the UK, but more recently they have become more easily available.  Sally Magpies sell the PixieDust textured polishes and I have seen them elsewhere too, along with the normal ranges.

Stevie is a lilac with silvery glitter for texture.

I hadn't worn Stevie since I bought it, it's just been waiting in my untrieds.  I love the shade now it's on, in the bottle I thought it may be a little too red toned for my skin.

Stevie went on in two easy coats.  Removal was easy as I hadn't had it on too long, but the micro glitters got EVERYWHERE so in the next swatches I have the silver glitters all over my fingers!

London isn't technically a Magpie purchase, I picked this up on evil bay some time ago, I have worn this once back in September, and left it in with my textures up until now.  I like it, but not as much as some of my other textures.

London was two coats, I can still see VNL but didn't go for a third coat as I have found textures can loose their grittiness when too many coats are applied.

Vespa is one of two greens, both greens are perfect St Patricks day greens.

I used two coats of Vespa, like London I am not happy at the tips still being visible.  I wore this last in January and recall it having a horrible wear time (but that was the day we went to Ikea and ended up building a load of flat pack DVD racks and moving all the furniture around in the front room!)

Lastly Chita, another perfect green for St Patricks day.

Chita went on in one impressive coat!  Totally different to Vespa and London.  I wore Chita last along side Vespa and had same issues with wear time and IKEA!

The only one of the above four in stock at the time of writing this post is Stevie, so if you fancy any of the other colours you'll have to stalk the website or visit the Facebook page for updates.  The PixieDusts retail at £7.50 on Sally Magpies.

All products purchased by me, Magpie Mondays are not sponsored by Sally Magpies.

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