Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mentality Resilience / dotticure

Back to the unbroken nails and swatches I had already taken before destroying my nails :)

Today I have swatches of Mentality Resilience.  Resilience is a deep green, almost a blackened teal matte polish.  This seems pretty unique, I haven't got anything quite like this in my collection.

I have two coats over Duri in these pictures.  The picture above is in my normal lighting, but the teal shades didn't shine through as much as in normal lighting, so I moved my lamp to shine directly on my hand for the next few pictures.

The polish went on smoothly and evenly and looked great alone.  For the majority of my swatches of the matte polishes I have also shown a topcoated picture.  In this post I have a dotticure, I added dots of top coat.

I have found the majority of Mentality polishes wear like iron on me, this one didn't look so good after a day, the dots towards the tips of my nails started to chip.  Given that the top coat I used was NYC Grand Central Station which I don't use all that often AND the chipped areas were only where the top coat was I am more inclined to blame the top coat than the Mentality.

Mentality are stocked in the UK by Sally Magpies, products purchased by me.

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