Saturday, 15 March 2014

Milestone Giveaway it is finally here!!!

I recently passed a milestone on Bloglovin, 600 followers, I now have over 400 on FB and IG too so decided to have a giveaway.

I have been planning this for a while, I wanted to do something a bit different.  I wanted to try and ensure that a fellow polish addict would win, so my idea is to have a giveaway using Rafflecopter, but with a twist, to get the bigger point entries you need to have guessed the polishes correctly!  Sure you can enter the lower points on the giveaway by following etc, but the biggest points are for naming the polish.

I purchased a bottle to swatch and a bottle for the giveaway, so the winners will get brand new polishes.  All polishes were purchased by me, with the exception of Polish B, this was donated by Sally Magpies.
Edit - I forgot to add I haven't put these polishes on my stash list page, so it really is a guessing game!  I will reveal what they are once I announce the winners.

Apologies for the varying state of my nails and cuticles in the pictures below, I have swatched the polishes as and when I received them!

Polish A - this is a very limited edition released in February and sold out very quickly on the two UK stockist's websites, there was a limit of one per customer on the sites.  I was lucky enough to buy one from each site.  There were originally only 800 bottles made of this polish, although a further 1000 are due in March. 

Polish B - this prize was kindy provided by Sally Magpies.  Polish B is from a new range to the Magpie Emporium and is a thermal polish which varies between pink when warm and purple when cool, with a sprinkling of both colour glitters.

Polish C - Breakfast at Tiffany's anyone?  The magnificent creme is a very much Tiffany-esque shade, a classic staple.

Polish D - this is from a brand which up until recently have been quite difficult to get hold of in the UK, they are a brand who often have sickeningly great "trade in your old polish offers" for their US customers and this deep purple packed with holo micro glitters came from their winter holiday collection.

Polish E - this is from a brand who I used to be crazy for, a total polish snob and only this brand would do.  Alas I lost my Envy for them when they got a bit "safe" with some of their collections, although more recently they seem to be back on major form.  This bright lilac has been around for some years, but is a great classic. 

Polish F - this is from my brand of the year for 2013, I love their mattes, I love their holos, I love their stampers.  This indie company is based in California and is a husband and wife team.  They are just magic.  This particular blue is a matte with teeny weeny micro glitters in it.

Polish G - An Italian brand with a reputation for beind difficult to apply, but this went on in two easy coats!  The strong holos are more than worth the effort though!

Polish H - this brand is something of a dark horse to me, although the alchemy of this polish is stunning, a shimmery midnight indigo.  This handmade polish has a very subtle fragrance of lavender and clary sage.

Got any ideas yet?

Ok, so terms and conditions...  Best to set them out plain and clear.  Please read these before entering.

  • There will be three prizes, prize one is brand new bottles of Polish A & B, prize two is brand new bottles of polishes  C, D & E and prize three is brand new bottles of polishes F, G & H.
  • Due to mailing restrictions I can only post to a UK address.  If you live overseas and have a UK address I can send to then I am happy to send it to that UK address, but cannot be held responsible if it isdestoryed by RM when being forwarded.
  • If you are under 18, please ensure your parent / guardian is happy for you to enter and provide your details in the event that you win.
  • Enter using the Rafflecopter below, each entry is optional.
  • Daily entries can be gained by tweeting.
  • The Rafflecopter is open until 12:00 am on 5th April, I believe this means it will be shut at the start of the day, not the end of the day.
  • Once the giveaway is closed I will remove any incorrect guesses then use Rafflecopter to randomly pick the winners from all entries (meaning if you guess Polish A correctly, you may win a different prize!)
  • I will verify the winning entries.
  • I will email the winners using the email address used on Rafflecopter to log in, please hold in mind if you log in via Facebook it will be the address you have linked to your Facebook profile.
  • I will email within 5 days of the completion of the giveaway.  If I don't hear back within 5 days I will redraw a winner.
  • I will post the packages to the winners and obtain proof of postage but cannot be held responsible for anything lost in the post.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. This is such a fun way to do a giveaway and congrats on your milestones! I got a little too excited when I recognized one of the polishes and accidentally filled out the answer without checking the terms & conditions (whoops haha). I don't have a UK address, so I figured I would let you know to ignore my answer if you can do that. Sorry!

    1. Awww thanks for letting me know. I have to remove any incorrect guesses at the end so I can do it then. Thanks for saying it's a fun idea, was hoping people thought that and not a total pain in the arse.

  2. Oh, this was so fun to guess at, even though I can't enter since I live in Norway. Congratulations on hitting 600 on Bloglovin' - I'm sure it must be fun to know that so many people are following your work =) I'm only up to 13 followers, but every time another starts following I love it =)

    1. It's an amazing number, it's strange to think there are so many people out there who want to see what I do, it's more people than were in my secondary school in total. That seems a lot! I have just followed your blog on blog lovin to put you up to 14 :)

  3. Congratulations on your milestone! This is probably the most entertaining giveaway I've ever seen - great job :)

    1. Thank you! Hope that it doesn't put people off entering!

  4. Love this give-away idea, Emma! Congrats on 600 as well. Sure wish I could enter, but am in the US, so....:0)
    Good luck to those who are able to enter!

    1. Thanks Angela! If only the RM didn't have a reputation for destruction.... O will try to do something international next time.

  5. I've just had so much fun doing this! Although damn auto correct changed a d to an s in one of my answers! Lol Congrats on your followers and I hope I win! Lol xxxx

    1. I just love auto correct. Like the time I posted on Facebook about today's "bog post".... Good luck :)

  6. Great idea for a giveaway - I had lots of fun working out what these were!

  7. Haha I really enjoyed sleuthing around the internet to get these but I can't work one out and it's driving me mad! This was fun =D

  8. Congratulations on all of those milestones! This is a really good idea, something different too :)

  9. Congratulations! This is a fun way to do a giveaway although I need to do my homework! :-) x


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