Sunday, 23 March 2014

R & R Lacquers Assemble! Collection

I have had these polishes sitting waiting to be swatched for (ahem) a little while now.  I think it may be close to a month.  I knew the undies I wanted to use with them, but never had time to do a swatch fest until today.

R&R Lacquers are created and hand made by "two complete polish nerds" who are also British Nail Bloggers.  I had seen swatches of the Assemble collection and knew I must get them, I got four under their any four for £22 deal.

Assemble inspired by Earth's Greatest Heroes left me asking hubby to dig out his Avengers Assemble Blu-Ray so I could watch it again, I really need to sit and watch all of the Iron Man films again now too as I love the Tony Stark one liners "does mother know thou weareth her drapes?"  Onto the polishes....

MKII  is a red and gold glitter inspired by Iron Man, however the Iron Man MK II armour is silver, I suspect this is inspired more by MK III (wow what a geek I sound...) Thanks Google for pointing out this trivial fact.... either way when you see it you know it's Iron Man inspired!!!!

I dabbed this on over one coat of Mentality Stunning and topped this with Kiko Gel topcoat (closest to hand at time), I opted for the red base slightly darker than the glitters to keep with the Iron Man theme.

The round holo glitters look amazing.  As lovely as it is, MKII is probably my least favourite of the collection though the best is yet to come.... My bottle the base was a little lumpy and stringy I'm sure a couple of drops of Seche Restore will thin this out, many glitters have this same issue.

SMASH! has a green jelly base with purple glitters and is shot through with golden shimmer.  This is a Hulk inspired polish, the green really does feel toxic with the gold making the green glow.

I layered one coat of SMASH! over one coat of Mentality Bandit.  I think SMASH! may have built up to a more opaque coverage, but I liked the purple glitters in one coat, rather than some hiding under a jelly finish. This is topped with Kiko Gel top coat.

My first finger painted only got one purple hex, but the rest came out more easily.  In fact some had so many hexes that I was able to carefully pick them off and place them onto the nail which was lacking.

Next is my favourite of the four, Steve now based on the film, Steve is the hero I liked the least, Captain America.  He just didn't really do it for me.  But this polish - wow!!!!  I layered it over a blue as Captain America wears an outfit which is very blue.

This is one coat of Steve over one coat of Mentality Brute topped with Kiko Gel topcoat.

Steve went on easily, no dabbing or fishing needed.  The base to Steve seemed much thinner than MKII and was better to work with.  I love the variety of sizes, colours and shapes.

Finally there is Romanov.  In the early part of Avengers Assemble, Romanov is in a barn, tied to a chair, perilously close to a drop.  The man heading up her interrogation answers his phone and it is passed to her.  She says "I am working..." I love that part of the film!  This polish will always make me think of that scene.

The black jelly base looked a little sheer on a swatch stick, so this is one coat of Romanov over one coat of Barry M Espresso, topped with Kiko Gel topcoat.

The orange microglitters have a duochrome effect moving to an almost lime green.  I love the way they twinkle.  This polish does seem like it could be a Halloween polish, but I will certainly wear it at other times and smile thinking of Romanov kicking those men's arses!

I purhased these myself from the R&R Etsy store, each bottle retails at £6.50 for 10ml or you can pick any 4 for £22 plus £2.60 postage.

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  1. These look awesome! I'm waiting on Smash in the mail - now I'm really excited for it to get here!


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